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Product maintenance stop for selected products

We have now stopped general maintenance of the following products, since it is difficult or impossible to purchase or produce certain components. These products are:

Single beam hydrographic echo sounders:

  • EA 500 / EA-500 / EA500
  • EA 502 / EA-502 / EA502
  • EA 501P / EA-501P / EA501P /EA 501 P

Multibeam hydrographic echo sounders:

  • EM 12 / EM-12 / EM12
  • EM 1000 / EM-1000 / EM1000
  • EM 2000 / EM-2000 / EM2000
  • EM 3002 / EM-3002 / EM3002
  • EM 950 / EM-950 / EM950

EA 500 was introduced to the market in June 1989, and has been an extremely reliable system throughout its lifetime. A total of 400 systems, including EA 502 (two frequencies system) and EA 501P (portable unit), were produced until the system was taken out of production at the end of 2000, and was replaced by the more modern EA 600.

EM 12 was our first full ocean depth multibeam echo sounder, introduced to the market in 1989. The EM 1000 and EM 950 were higher frequency systems based on the same technology, but with a curved transducer. EM 12 was taken out of production and replaced by EM 120 in 2000. Likewise, EM 1000 and EM 950 were replaced by EM 1002, which is now out of production and is replaced by EM 710.

The current hydrographic instrument range includes

Single beam echo sounders:

Multibeam echo sounders:

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