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This is a help and support page for the DP CAP Android application. Here we will try to answer any questions you might have about DP CAP. If you don't find your answer on this page, do not hesitate to contact us.

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If you have need of assistance or have questions please contact us at any time.

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Phone: (+47) 73 56 14 00
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Frequently asked questions

Question 1

How can I get an administrator password or user login?


The PAD will be preset with one administrator. This administrator may add several other users and administrators. The number of administrators should be kept as low as possible. If for some reason the app have no designated users, Kongsberg Maritime must be contacted in order to set up the PAD.

Question 2

I am not a registered user in the DP CAP application


A person with administrator rights needs to create a new account. See user manual: Administrator/User Management/Create new user.

Question 3

I forgot my pin code


The administrator must give you a new pin code. See Administrator/User Management/Modification of user profile and pin code.

Question 4

I cannot get the exercise approved


Only users registered with administrator rights can approve exercises. You cannot approve your own exercises. Contact the administrator on board. In order to approve an exercise, the user also has to “pass” the assessment. If the user “fail” the assessment, the exercise cannot be approved. The "pass criteria" is 80% right.

Question 5

Error message: “File not found!” During DP CAP™ App update process.”


The tablet may have timed out during updating due to restricted bandwidth. Leave the tablet in update modus, and the updating will restart.

Question 6

I cannot send the exercises to the database


Check that the tablet is connected to wireless internet on board. If this does not work, contact KM on tel. +47 73 56 14 00 or send an e-mail to km.dpcap@km.kongsberg.com

Question 7

I cannot find any exercises in the DP CAP™ app


Most probably the “update” last time was cancelled during the process. This may happen if the tablet loose the internet connection during “update”, or if you touch the tablet during “update”. To solve the problem: Make sure that the tablet has internet connection and “update” again.

Question 8

I cannot start an exercise: “No tries left on this exercise”


You have to ask the administrator to “reset exercise tries” on your account by using the “user management”. You will now get 3 new chances.

Question 9

I notice that some text is missing on the pages


Go to “Settings” and “Display”. Make sure that the “Font size” is set to “Normal”.