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The packaging used by the Kongsberg companies shall have a common exterior. This section of the branding gudeilines describes the basic rules for design/marking of Kongsberg packaging.


This illustration above shows simulated examples of the correct use of logo on a selection of packaging examples in white and brown cardboard and wooden boxes.

Use of logo

The logo can be used either in colour or in black. The size and positioning of it should be in accordance with the examples shown. In general, the logo is placed in the middle of the long sides of the packaging, i.e. logo exposure on at least two of the surfaces. For packaging formats other than those shown above, an attempt should be made to achieve the same visual effect as in the examples. The logo may also appear on more than two surfaces or, for practical reasons, on the short sides instead of the long sides.

When placing the logo it is important that the marking standards for the package do not come into conflict with the logo.

Usual best practice will be to have packaging pre-printed with the logo and other relevant information, but in some cases it will be more practical to mark the packaging with separate logo stickers, in particular wooden boxes and special format packaging.

Cardboard colour

The colour of the cardboard shall be white or brown.


Use of logo tape is not recommended as it often gives an untidy impression. Neutral or clear tape is thus recommended.

Guideline examples

The examples provided show the positioning and size of the logo for a selection of packaging types. These are meant as guideline examples. An individual evaluation/adjustment will be necessary in each case.


Long side 305 mm, short side 220 mm, depth 155 mm. Width of logo 110 mm.

Packaging example


Long side 295 mm, short side 195 mm, depth 205 mm. Width of logo 110 mm.


Long side 700 mm, short side 510 mm, depth 470 mm. Width of logo 250 mm.


Long side 1200 mm, short side 800 mm, depth 800 mm. Width of logo 250 mm. The sticker with the logo is slightly larger.

Packaging example

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