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Hydroid Training Schedule

Hydroid's Open Enrollment Training provides participants with operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and navigation skills for REMUS vehicles. All courses are led by Hydroid’s expert technicians, and are held at the company’s new manufacturing facility, located at 3 Henry Drive in Pocasset, Massachusetts, USA - View map.

Open Enrollment REMUS 100 Operators Course

  • Pocasset, Massachusetts, USA
  • To be scheduled

Introductory five day course for REMUS 100 operators. Provides basic knowledge of the REMUS system components, programming interface, mission execution and data analysis, as well as proper care and maintenance practices for the REMUS AUV. Course provides classroom-based instruction, hands-on training with subject matter expert (SME) coaching, mission planning via a virtual fleet software (simulation), and practical at sea vehicle deployment and recovery. Students who successfully complete the course receive an Operators Certification.

Open Enrollment REMUS 100 Field Maintenance Course

  • Pocasset, Massachusetts, USA
  • To be scheduled

A five day course that will provide REMUS 100 operators / maintainers with a more detailed view of maintenance procedures and troubleshooting techniques for onboard maintenance and daily routines. It includes topics such as preventive and general maintenance, advanced maintenance troubleshooting of discrepancies, pre-deployment, mission set-up, and the recovery and storage of the REMUS 100. Portions of this training will also touch on more advanced related maintenance and technical procedures that are beyond daily routine. Students who successfully complete course requirements will receive a Field Maintenance Certificate.

Note: All courses subject to a minimum number of registrants enrolling or will be cancelled / postponed.

For more information, please email customerservice@hydroid.com

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