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Logo colours

Our company and brand logos use three defined colours. These are:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

KONGSBERG Blue can be used in 100% saturation on text and graphic elements.

Otherwise the KONGSBERG Red and Yellow are for use only in the KONGSBERG logo and not in any other contexts.

Basic colours

The PMS colour definitions are shown in the examples provided here. Other definitions are provided in the table below. The PMS colours are basically defined as the correct ones. The standard colours that come closest to matching them are specified for the other colour systems.

The KONGSBERG logo uses all three colours.

The SIMRAD brand logo uses only the red colour.

Colour PMS CMYK RGB Nature RAL 3M
281 100/72/0/38 9/28/90 NCS S 5040-R80B 5013 100-708
185 0/91/76/0 252/25/33 NCS S 2060-R - 100-13
116 0/15/94/0 255/217/17 NCS S 0580-y20R 1003 100-15

NOTE: You are not permitted to present the logo using any other colours!

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