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Chapter specification - Drawing file

This chapter shall provide all necessary technical drawings required for installation and/or maintenance. The installation drawings are intended for the naval architects that are planning the installation, and for the electricians and engineers from the installation shipyard that is doing the practical installation. The chapter is reused in the Maintenance manual to provide the same information to the service engineers. In the maintenance manual, additional drawings may be provided if applicable.

Do not confuse a technical drawing with an illustration. An illustration can be placed anywhere in a manual to visualize a design, a concept or a procedure, or to add value to a description. A technical drawing will typically provide physical specifications related to size and weight, or detailed information about wiring, cabling or – in some cases – hardware design. The technical drawings are usually created by the design engineers as a part of the product development, or project engineers during the delivery of the product package.

On large projects, this chapter is provided as a separate book following different standards than those provided here.

Structure and section titles

The drawing file will typically contain a short introduction, a list of the drawings contained in the chapter, and then the individual drawings in the chosen order.

Drawings – Standard products

Which drawings to be provided, and the format used, must depend on the type of manual and the properties of the product.

For standard “off-the-shelf” products, the installation and maintenance manuals will normally only contain a limited amount of technical drawings.

The drawings will normally describe outline dimensions, footprints and other installation related details.

To save production cost and offer efficient distribution, each drawing is published using a rectangular frame created for normal A4 presentation. If a specific drawing is too large to fit on one A4 page, it is split on several pages using the required number of frames.



Drawing file example


Drawings – Project deliveries

On project deliveries, the drawing file will typically contain a larger number of drawings, and any number of these may have been created especially for the project. The chapter may then contain the original technical drawings as prepared by the relevant design tool (AutoCad etc).

The drawings will normally describe outline dimensions, footprints and other installation related details, as well as cable and interconnection details.

If the drawing file chapter is an integrated part of the installation or maintenance manual, these drawings must be manually added to the published PDF using the functionality provided by Adobe Acrobat.

If the drawing file is provided as a separate book, a similar assembly is required.

Electronic distribution of technical drawings

The purpose of installation drawings is mainly to prepare and plan the mounting of physical units. Many end users, shipyards and naval architects will then require these drawings on a common file format, typically AutoCad.

In order to meet these requirements, we must provide the drawings on electronic formats. The PDF format is always required, other file formats are frequently required by our customers.

  • Optical and USB memory devices

    Drawings may be provided to the customer on various media. This introduces a great challenge, as drawings are frequently revised. Every revision will then require a new transmittal to individual customers.

    A logistic system is required to keep track of the distribution and revisions.

    This method is not recommended.

  • Log-in database on our website

    Drawings may be provided in a dedicated database accessed from our website. Individual customers are issued with separate log-in credentials to access the information.

    The drawings in the database must be revised as required, and the customers must then be notified.

    A logistic system is required to keep track of the distribution and revisions.

  • Unrestricted access on our website

    Drawings may be provided directly on our website to offer customers unrestricted download functionality.

    The drawings on the website must be revised as required, but notifications are normally not necessary.


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