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Branding guidelines

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Graphic manual for KONGSBERG

Branding guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to enable KONGSBERG's staff, suppliers, partners and external designers to adhere to the corporate branding strategy.

These guidelines provides the most recent direction for our most important brand elements. It is effective as of January 28. 2014, all new digital, print and other communications should reflect these guidelines.

These guidelines show you how to use KONGSBERG's visual identity on a range of media, including stationery, booklets and brochures, posters, advertisements, merchandise and signboards. The brand information is updated periodically so please check back for new information and important updates. When you use any of the brand features, you must always follow the rules for proper usage.

Note: These branding guidelines are the property of KONGSBERG. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or otherwise copied without prior permission from KONGSBERG.