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Company name

How to write the company and brand names

The KONGSBERG brand name

Our brand is always written in capital characters as shown here:


NOTE: When font Foundry Form Sans is used in brochure types 1 through 3, the name KONGSBERG is written using "all caps".

Company names

When used in body text, both group and company names are written as ordinary names.


  • Kongsberg Maritime
  • Kongsberg GeoAcoustics

NOTE: Make sure that you use capital K and M in Kongsberg Maritime, and similar in the other names.


Similar rules apply for the SIMRAD brand name.

When the SIMRAD brand name is written by itself, capital (or "all caps") shall be used.

When used in body text, the company name is written as normal text.

Product names are written using normal text;


  • Simrad SP90

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