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New transponders debuts at Oceanology international

24. March 2004

We are launching a new modular ‘Short MPT (Multifunction Positioning Transponder), depth rated for 4000m in response to the demand from the Offshore Survey & Construction industry. The transponder has more functionality, in order to save survey, vessel and project time.

This unique multifunctional transponder has the capability of SSBL (Super-Short BaseLine), LBL (Long Base Line), Multi- User LBL and Metrology measurement with 3cm accuracy. The transponder can be configured in the field to include modular options comprising: split transducer head, release mechanism and serial interfacing to external sensors. The new ‘Shorty’ MPT is fully compatible with all Kongsberg HPR and HiPAP acoustic systems in addition to the Hydro Acoustic Inertial Navigation System, HAIN.

Our Acoustic Operating Positioning Software system, APOS, and the new ‘Shorty’ transponder gives the user an extremely versatile package that brings substantial cost savings to any offshore project.