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£½ million sonar and camera package for new Fugro work class ROV system

18. October 2006

Work Class ROV Systems

OE14-500 underwater HDTV colour zoom camera
OE14-500 underwater HDTV colour zoom camera

Fugro has contracted KONGSBERG to supply an extensive suite of cameras and scanning sonars for 8 new generation Work Class ROV Systems, being produced by Fugro at their in-house Design and Build facility in Singapore. The package includes six sophisticated new HDTV Colour Zoom cameras for specialist survey and intervention tasks as well as 2 additional suites of equipment for other plans for the Fugro ROV Fleet.

Updates existing ROV fleet

Fugro will invest Euro 30 million before the end of 2007 with the new Work Class ROV Systems developed as a phased replacement strategy to update its existing ROV fleet. The new ROV, designated 'FCV 1000' and 'FCV 3000' represent the state-of-the-art in remote underwater technology and will utilise the most sophisticated instruments available.

Maximum accuracy and reliability

"The payload of equipment and sensors for our new generation of Work Class ROV Systems has been chosen to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability," comments Jim Mann, Global ROV Manager at Fugro. "We already have a great deal of experience with Kongsberg Maritime imaging equipment and are confident that the combination of industry standard and sophisticated new systems we have chosen is the perfect compliment to the FCV 1000 and 3000."

HDTV Colour Zoom camera

The oe14-500 underwater HDTV Colour Zoom camera is designed to be used for all high-quality ROV inspection, intervention and survey tasks, reflecting the requirements of Fugro's broad client base. The various video output options allow compatibility with existing ROV composite video transmission systems and HDV, DV or Firewire systems plus simple conversion from Component to other alternative digital formats including HD-SDI.

Digital stills camera

In addition to HDTV video the camera has an inbuilt 2.7 mega pixel digital stills photographic capability. A water compensated optical zoom lens provides a close-up inspection capability combined with the flexibility of a 10x magnification for powerful stand off inspections. The inclusive KONGSBERG Graphical User Interface provides the control of extensive camera functionality via the digital link.


Fugro's new Work Class ROVs will be utilised across a broad range of sectors and sub-applications, including:

  • Construction Support Services
  • Field Support
  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
  • Pipeline and Seabed Survey
  • Drill Rig Support

To find out more about the new generation of Fugro ROV visit www.fugro.com.

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