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Kongsberg unveils new bridge system

27. August 2004
The new Kongsberg bridge solution in an aft looking configuration

New system technology

Our new system technology for marine operations is based on a sophisticated bridge system designed to take marine automation and integration one step further.

Complete functionality

The new bridge system seamlessly integrates the full range of ship handling and automation tasks including complete functionality for:

  • Navigation
  • Manoeuvring by manual levers and joystick
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Ship automation; including power management, alarm system, thruster and propulsion control, auxiliary control
  • Safety system


Configure it for individual requirements

Our new integrated bridge system can be tailored to fit the individual needs of navigation and work (aft) bridges. Modular design allows us the flexibility to design workspaces specifically adapted for the operational needs of each vessel. All required equipment can be positioned within reach of the operator, in order to increase the safety of operations and reduce working stress.

See it at SMM

To see the new bridge system visits us at stand 126 at SMM in Hamburg between 28. September and 2. October.

Typical configuration of the new Kongsberg bridge system in a forward looking configuration