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Gardline orders multibeam echosounders and upgrades

6. April 2004

UK based survey specialist Gardline has ordered a suite of multibeam echosounder products, including upgrades to its existing Kongsberg Maritime echosounders.

EM 1002 multibeam echosounder survey result - Click to enlarge picture

Gardline has purchased an EM1002S medium depth multibeam system to be installed on the MV Ocean Seeker. The equipment will primarily be used for a two-year contract that Gardline was recently awarded by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), as part of the Civil Hydrography Programme. The vessel will also benefit from the installation of a Seapath 200 heading, attitude and positioning system.

We have also been contracted by Reid Marine, in association with Gardline to supply survey systems for the MV Confident, which will also take part in the UK civil hydrography program. The vessel will receive an EM3000D shallow water multibeam system, an EA400 single beam system and the Seapath 200. Post processing of data will be through our Neptune and Poseidon software.

As part of the ongoing relationship between Gardline and Kongsberg Maritime, the MV Ocean Endeavour has been involved in extensive sea trials of the EM120 deep water multibeam echosounder, which were completed recently. The goal of these trials was to extend the boundaries of performance and efficiency, this was achieved and Gardline will now use the system gains in normal operation. In addition, Gardline has upgraded its existing EM1000 medium depth multibeam echosounder system on the MV Sea Explorer to the EM1002 and as part of the same contract has upgraded its post processing software to the latest versions.

Gardline now has 9 Kongsberg Maritime multi beam echo sounders in operation ranging from EM3000 shallow water multibeam echo sounders to EM120 deep water echo sounders.