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Full mission shiphandling simulators to United States navy bases in Japan

26. April 2004

The trip home to Connecticut took 27 hours but each one of the team members felt a sense of accomplishment having delivered and installed world-class simulator systems, on time and on budget, to the United States Navy, WESPAC Fleet Operational Units through the Navigation, Seamanship and Ship handling Trainer (NSST) Project. This is potentially the first step in supplying all sixteen Fleet Concentration Areas with similar training capabilities.

Kongsberg Maritime Simulation Inc. was awarded the only two land-based Fleet Concentration Area (FCA) installations during the past fiscal year under the NSST Program. The NSST Program budget is likely to exceed $5,000,000 USD per year for the next five years. "We are excited by these successful deliveries and the potential for our simulator technology to be applied to US Navy training requirements," states Capt Herbert Taylor, President of Kongsberg Maritime Simulation Inc.

The U.S. Navy has identified major strengths in the Polaris Simulator product that include a high level of system maturity, e-Coach exercise functionality, as well as web-enabled simulation capabilities. The simulator e-Coach exercises provide trainees with dynamic entry-level training without the need for an instructor to be present. The U.S. Navy has given high marks to the top-quality, leading-edge visual database graphics produced in the Mystic, Connecticut office.


Upper Left - Sasebo main bridge. Lower Right - Yokosuka bridge. Middle – Screen shots of Yokosuka Exercise Areas and the new LHD1 USS Wasp Amphibious Assault Ship.

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