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NASA, pioneering Compact DP

26. October 2004
Compact DP system

NASA has become the first customer to install our revolutionary Compact DP system. Two supply vessels used for recovering fuel tanks after rocket launches will utilise a dual cPos solution with an additional Wing panel. NASA, a pioneer in aeronautical and space technology can now be regarded as a pioneer in the world of Dynamic Positioning by utilising this advanced new DP system.

Tough competition

The supply vessels, The Liberty Star and The Freedom Star where built in the early 80`s and were operated by pneumatic signal transmission, which produced hissing sounds when the pneumatic levers were operated. The recovery aspect of their job requires highly accurate and reliable positioning systems and our Compact DP was chosen against tough competition.


One of the NASA vesselsOur Houston office carried out the system installation. This required the majority of the old pneumatic system panels and instruments to be removed, the new cPos panels mounted, and basically the whole operational panel system onboard being rebuilt from scratch. The installation was followed by a CAT and ABS certification (class 0).

Considering that the DP Software, cPos panel, Wing panel and the controller are new products to the market, the system installation went very well and was completed on time.

Cost effective

The cPos and cJoy components of Compact DP make up a complete DP class 1 solution for dynamically positioned vessels and are designed to meet the requirements of Offshore Support Vessels. The new system offers a scalable, cost effective, but no-less valuable solution for the smaller vessel.

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