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New multibeam echo sounder

22. April 2004
From the EM 3002 multibeam echo sounder

The new EM 3002 is an advanced multibeam echo sounder with high resolution and dynamically focused beams (since then available as the EM 2040). It is well suited for detailed seafloor mapping and inspection with typical water depths between 0.5 and 150 meters. EM 3002 uses a new powerful sonar processor in combination with the same sonar head as the popular and highly acclaimed EM 3000 system. The increase in processing power makes it possible to apply sophisticated and exact signal processing algorithms for beamforming, beam stabilisation, and bottom detection.

The EM 3002 is the only high resolution multibeam system available in the market. It incorporates real time electronic stabilisation for both pitch and roll which ensures that the central beam always points directly below the vessel. The system performance is stable even in foul weather conditions, and the overall quality of the final chart/product is enhanced.

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