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Reaffirming our position in Korea

25. March 2004

We booked new orders exceeding 13.5 million US dollars in Korea during the two first months of 2004. Deliveries will take place during the last part of 2004 and throughout 2005.

In January and February we booked automation systems for 39 new buildings, bringing the local order backlog to 114. We sold propulsion control systems for 62 new buildings, increasing the backlog to 125; and radar-based cargo level gauging system to 20 tankers, bringing this backlog to 57.

“Building a ship is a long term investment, intended to last 30 to 40 year. By selecting our systems ship owners and ship yards reaffirmed their trust in us.” says D.S. Jeon, sales team leader Kongsberg Maritime Korea. "We are both humble and satisfied that we have been trusted with these contracts, and are determined to do our utmost to show we are worth the confidence. We focus on providing easy to use, dependable products and quality service so that we may continue to qualify us."

Kongsberg Maritime Korea employs 70 people. Their main activities are located in Seoul and Busan. They are effectively supported by the Sales & Marketing division in Norway, which promotes Kongsberg Maritime products world wide.

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