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New multifunction bridge display

15. December 2004
The  new bridge console featuring multifunction displays

KONGSBERG is developing entirely new bridge consoles featuring multifunction displays. The first delivery will be to the Norwegian Navy’s Skjold project. This new console will include three multifunction displays. These can be used to display ARPA radar, ECDIS, tactical information, EOMS video, air surveillance radar video and other information. A provisional bridge will be provided in June 2005, and the first complete bridge solution in November 2005.

The Skjold project

KNM Skjold missile torpedo boatThe project includes six new Skjold Class missile torpedo boats (MTB) to the Norwegian Navy. Five of the vessels are new buildings. The sixth, the KNM Skjold, is already in the water, but will be upgraded and equipped with new weapon systems. The development phase will take four years and the vessels are scheduled for delivery in 2008-2009. The ships will also carry the new KONGSBERG naval strike missile.