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KONGSBERG secures contract with Schilling Robotics

12. December 2005
KONGSBERG secures camera contract with Schilling Robotics

KONGSBERG has secured a contract to supply Schilling Robotics LLC of Davis, California, with underwater cameras for installation on four new build ROVs - Remotely Operated Vehicles.

50 cameras

Schilling Robotics LLC of Davis will supply Geoconsult AS, based in Bergen, Norway, with its 4Km UHD™ (Ultra Heavy-Duty) Hydraulic ROVs. A total of 50 KONGSBERG cameras will be installed and each ROV will be fitted with one Kongsberg imaging sonar head and two altimeters.

More than satisfied

The ROVs, which reach depths of up to 4000 meters, have been specifically fitted with KONGSBERG cameras for Geoconsult AS. “We have always been more than satisfied with the results achieved when using Kongsberg's cameras. We are very confident about using them for our core activities of seabed surveying and subsea construction, and have decided to have them fitted on all four ROVs that we ordered from Schilling,” says Terje Thomassen, Geconsult AS.

Camera types

Geoconsult AS, which also provides ROV, AUV, and UUV services as well as pipeline inspection, will have the following cameras installed on the ROVs:

  • General Purpose Inspection Camera – resistant to shock and vibration.
  • Enhanced CCD Camera – offers near-SIT performance from a non-intensified CCD sensor.
  • Compact Colour CCD Camera – ideal for ROV manipulation and tooling application.
  • Light Ring Camera – ideal for installation on a ROV manipulator arm where space is limited.

The delivery is scheduled for completion in February 2006.

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