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AutoChief C20 fitted to MAN B&W engine

9. November 2004
AutoChief C20 propulsion control system

Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine and Machinery Division (HHI EMD), with co-operation from Kongsberg Maritime, has completed the ‘shop test’ of its first Man B&W ME engine. HHI EMD selected KONGSBERG’s AutoChief® C20 propulsion control system for the first engine in this new line of intelligent, electronically controlled 2 stroke diesel engines.

Smooth running

The ‘shop test’, or ‘bench running’ of the MAN B&W 6S70ME took place in October at the HHI EMD plant in Ulsan, Korea. KONGSBERG engineers were on site to ensure the smooth running of the propulsion control system, which despite required software updates, performed faultlessly. The engine itself passed the test and is currently being prepared for shipping to a yard in China.

Low and medium speed diesel engines

The AutoChief® C20 is the latest evolution in our 35 years of making propulsion control systems. The system was launched in 2003 and is designed for low to medium speed diesel engines with fixed propellers. It’s reliable, straightforward operation and quality of engineering has already made the AutoChief® C20 a highly accepted propulsion control system for all the major engine manufacturers. Its functional exterior design serves the purpose of simplifying operation, making it a popular choice with crew and engineers.

Advanced engine

The MAN B&W 6S70ME is an electronically controlled, enhanced version of the market leading MC engines. Starting production in the 1980s, the MC engines have evolved to include bore sizes from 260 mm to 980 mm and are used to propel ships of all sizes. Our AutoChief® systems have become a regular partner for the MC engines so the C20 was the obvious companion for the highly advanced ME engine.