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New cargo pump monitoring system

21. July 2004

The SOLAS regulation for pump room monitoring requires that all tankers should have systems installed before July 1st 2005.

Typical temperature sensor

System description

Our new cargo pump monitoring system is built around our standard midi operator station – MOS. When used for pump room temperature monitoring it is connected to a remote analogue input module through Zener-barriers. The analogue input module(s) is placed in the pump room close to the sensors. The standard unit have 16 input channels. This unit is then connected to the zener-barrier, which in turn is connected to the MOS. The MOS is normally installed in the cargo control room. The Zener-barriers is the interface between the EX-area and the safe area.

Different sensors available

We manufacture temperature sensors for all types of temperature sensing. For pump room temperatures we deliver many sensors for existing holes in the pump bearings/casings or for surface temperature measurement.