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New position reference system

19. April 2004

RADius position reference system

We have developed a new advanced relative position reference system for use in various applications including vessel-to-vessel and vessel-to-FPSO applications, specifically in the offshore sector. RADius is a short distance reference system designed to fill the needs specified by the IMO, for DP class 2 vessels.

RADius has been developed based on solid-state technology and features no moving parts. The system consists of transponders that are installed as targets (platform / FPSO), and interrogators that are equipped on the i.e. supply vessel. The system is capable of providing accurate readings optimized for a signal range of 500m and below. Close quarters operations such as alongside loading and unloading (with distances of > 3m) benefit from highly accurate readings and fast propulsion response.

As a standalone system, or interfaced with dynamic positioning or Integrated Bridge Systems, RADius provides an extremely accurate and responsive aid to loading and unloading procedures for operations in all weather conditions. Docking and oil loading procedures are also applications that can take advantage of the RADius system.

”RADius is already undergoing sea-trials on several vessels and platforms in the North Sea, with feedback being very positive,” says Arne Rinnan, Product Manager. “It is an accurate product that benefits from low total cost of ownership and we’re confident that it can do its job easily.”

RADius is an ongoing project and we are currently developing the system with enhanced functionality and performance. There will be an upgrade program for early adopters of RADius when the enhancements become available.

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