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New integrated diver video system

12. June 2006
Integrated diver video system
Integrated diver video system

We have just released a new integrated diver deployed underwater inspection system.

Integral LED lights

The OE90-100 Diver System includes a unique new high resolution colour camera with integral high output LED lights, a high quality 12" flat panel display screen, hand held or helmet mount bracket and a compact PS/2 keyboard. The system is delivered in a robust carry case making it extremely portable and easily deployable.

Integrated GPS

To assist in pin-pointing a dive site a GPS receiver has been incorporated into the system and can be selected to view and record in conjunction with the built in text overlay generator. In addition to GPS the easy to use text overlay provides date and time functions along with 16 pages pre-edited or live text to be called up or typed live for overlay on to video as desired.

Recording capability

Video is recorded digitally on convenient and inexpensive DVD-R disks, or on DVD-RAM disks for long-term archive purposes. The recorded DVDs can be played back on the integral TV monitor, or via the majority of normal commercial DVD players (for display on conventional TVs) and PC's with integral DVD-ROM drives.

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