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New multi-standard underwater HD Camera

12. March 2008
The oe14-502A underwater HDTV camera
The oe14-502A underwater HDTV camera.

Leading underwater camera manufacturer showcases latest HD developments

The Kongsberg Maritime stand at Oceanology International 2008 is home to Kongsberg Maritime's new compact multi-standard HDTV component colour zoom camera. The oe14-502A underwater HDTV camera is smaller in size than other ROV inspection cameras and benefits from multi-standard video capability, enabling users to quickly and easily swap between settings, according to the requirements of the ROV inspection task and the area the work is being carried out.

Can be used anywhere in the world

Switching between video output standards on the oe14-502A can be done with the new remote control or via the straightforward software GUI. This enables users to switch from standard composite video to 1080i or 720p HD video as and when the work demands. The oe14-502A can also be easily set to PAL or NTSC or in the case of HD, from 50 to 60 Hz, which means the same camera can be used anywhere in the world.

The unique Kongsberg Maritime IR remote control also allows straightforward camera control set-up, which can be through single wire (tri-state), two wire (bi-polar), USB and RS485. RS232 is also available as a factory set option. Further flexibility and value comes from the inclusive Kongsberg Maritime GUI, which provides control functionality via the digital link.

Advanced optical capabilities

Although small in size, the oe14-502A offers many sophisticated features and advanced optical capabilities. Long line drive can be set by the remote control or GUI, which allows the component signal to drive three matched coax cables with no degradation over two hundred metres. Colour balance can also be set to indoor, outdoor or ATW. A domed water compensated port and optical zoom provides close-up inspection capability combined with the flexibility of 10x magnification for detailed stand off inspections.

The most flexible inspection cameras available

"The ease of switching between video standards on the oe14-502A makes it one of the most flexible ROV HD inspection cameras on the market," says Bill Stuart of Kongsberg Maritime. "The new remote control enables much of this flexibility, as it allows users to utilise the many useful features offered by the camera with ease. This allows the operator to focus more on the job at hand as opposed to being concerned that the camera is configured correctly."

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