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SeaTrepid International LLC orders six Hugin AUV systems

Hugin AUV
22. January 2016

Kongsberg Maritime AS is pleased to announce the sale of 6 HUGIN AUV Systems. The vehicles will be operated by SeaTrepid International LLC. of Louisiana, USA and supported by Deep Ocean Search Limited.

The AUVs are rated to 6000 metres. They have a comprehensive sensor suite including triple frequency sidescan sonar, KONGSBERG's de facto industry standard EM2040 multibeam echosounder, sub-bottom profiler and a colour camera. The vehicles are also equipped with a magnetometer mounted inside the AUV body.

All six SeaTrepid HUGIN AUVs are fitted with swappable Lithium polymer batteries and can achieve mission durations of more than 60 hours with payload sensors operating. They will be supplied with a comprehensive topside spread including launch and recovery containers, operations room containers and KONGSBERG HiPAP USBL systems for supervised operations.

About SeaTrepid International LLC

SeaTrepid International LLC is a marine subsea services company specializing in terrestrial as well as underwater robotics solutions to the commercial, governmental and scientific communities. SeaTrepid is a premier provider of deepwater survey and subsea intervention services. Strategically based in Robert, Louisiana USA, SeaTrepid's capabilities include a full range of technological solutions (vehicles, sensors and tooling packages) to our offshore customer base worldwide as well as inland customers nationwide. SeaTrepid has developed a strong reputation built upon a proven track record of success based upon our "Excellence Underwater".

About Deep Ocean Search Limited

Deep Ocean Search is a multi-task survey and recovery company with proven experience in ultra-deep water operations. Since 2009 it has been conducting continuous operations between 3,000 to 6,000 metres water depth, conducting sea floor mapping, search and recovery. This includes the search for and subsequent recovery by ROV of a valuable commercial cargo on behalf of the United Kingdom Department for Transport at a world record depth of 5,150 metres.

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