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AutoChief® C20 - the beginning of a success

26. August 2004
AutoChief C20 black

Customer satisfaction is our most important measure of success. When we set out to design our new propulsion control system for medium and low speed diesels, we wanted to give it high reliability, ease of operation and global support. So far one system is installed and a further 15 deliveries secured. Full scale system deliveries start at the end of the year after massive testing. We intend to give full customer satisfaction from day one.

High reliability

The system has been subject to performance test. The test was witnessed by surveyors from 10 classification societies to verify that the AutoChief® comply with their rules. The minor discrepancies they found have now been ironed out, and will be signed off shortly. This ensures trouble free deliveries no matter what classification society the customer decides on.

Ease of operation

The system has already received an award for design excellence by the Norwegian Design Council. The jury says: "The AutoChief® C20 is a consistent and complete control panel for larger ships where the functionality is considerably simplified and improved. The pure visual design appear as intuitive, it has good tactility and feedback to the user. This is a professional and uncluttered product of high quality, with good aesthetics and high durability".

Global support

We are well under way in training service and commissioning engineers to support the new product on a world wide basis. Spare parts will be distributed to our support centres and agents around the world. To increase our level of service we have just introduced Support 24 – our new emergency hotline manned with senior product specialists 24 hours a day.

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