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Controlling two thousand ocean going vessels

13. May 2004

AutoChief® 4 remote control system

We have just delivered the two thousandth AutoChief® 4 to Hyundai Heavy Industries. The AutoChief® allows remote control of the ship’s main engine from bridge, bridge wings and engine control room. Our first AutoChief® remote control system was delivered in 1967, and so far a total of nearly 3000 vessels have been fitted. We see this as the result of high quality, ease of operation and a global support network.

Dependable and easy to use

The words of Reidar Haakonsen QA manager with the ship owner Dyvi says it all: ”The AutoChief® remote control system onboard the Dyvi Antwerpen was fitted when the ship was built in 1973 – 31 years ago. It is still working perfectly. We find it very dependable and easy to use, and intend to keep both the ship and the AutoChief for a number of years to come.”


Our AutoChief® control systems are designed for slow and medium speed diesel engines using fixed or variable pitch propellers. Any combination of remote control, engine telegraph, engine safety system, digital governor and order printer can be included.

Key features

  • Ease of use
  • Reliable operation
  • Bumpless control transfer
  • Immediate response
  • Quick adoption to various engine types
  • Few moving parts to reduce maintenance requirements

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