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Raising the standards of simulation

28. June 2004

Typical ship handling bridge - push to view larger image

We have released a new version of our Polaris bridge simulator. The fully scalable Polaris 4.4.0 software forms the basis of both PC based desktop systems and full mission simulators based on real-life bridge consoles and layouts.

Continuing upgrade program

"As a major player in maritime training, we constantly upgrade our simulation equipment and software to provide colleges and students with the most realistic experience technology will allow," states Per Branstad, VP Simulation, Kongsberg Maritime. "Polaris 4.4 takes the best of previous versions and integrates a wealth of new functionality designed to increase the operation and scope of simulation."

Large customer base

With over 70 full mission simulator installations we have a large customer base of colleges, maritime institutes and Navies to draw feedback from. In addition to extensive in-house R&D, this has resulted in a long list of new features and upgrades included with Polaris 4.4.

New features

New communication functionality of Polaris 4.4 on both desktop and full mission systems includes: Communication system (Voice on LAN) - VHF, MF/HF and UHF: VHF - Military VHF channels 39, 90 are implemented in the VHF station: Loran-C - New Man Over Board (MOB), signal strength and circular error probability functions.

New or upgraded navigation functionality includes: Bird's eye view - Lighthouse and fairway are implemented as symbols on bird's eye view on the instructor graphics: Navigation Conning - new parameters, barometer, dew point and humidity: Radar overlay on ECDIS - choose which radar slave you want to display radar overlay from: Radar-side lobe - target changes in size and bearing, when this function is activated:

Several new or upgraded hardware and software simulation panels have been added including: Stabiliser panel - for control of the roll stabiliser: Communication panel - Public Address (PA): Hydraulic Winch Control panel - controls a tension winch for tug/escort operation: Engine Telegraph panel - extended the functionality including individual shaft brakes for port and starboard propeller: Distress panel - warning lamp on instructor station: Steering panel - A new master button for eligible independent steering is implemented: Change Over Control panel - changes control between different bridge console positions and Dynamic positioning operator station. VHF panel with squelch - The squelch function is implemented on the audio/voice transmission on VHF Desktop panel. View Control Panel - Visual shift mode on/off. Possible to use the arrows up/down and port/starboard when visual shift is active. Displays the actual bearing to the screen in visual shift mode.

Polaris 4.4 also includes new an improved 'E-Coach' functionality and can be delivered with our new AIS simulator integrated with the system.

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