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Support 24 - emergency hotline

21. July 2004
Support 24 - emergency hotline

To increase our level of service we give you a single phone number for emergency product support, +47 815 35 355. Through this number you can reach us from anywhere in the world. The phone number is manned with senior product specialists 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Remote diagnostics

For mission-critical operations, Support 24 can be extended to include remote diagnostics. Our remote diagnostics service allows us to assist you with mission critical operations, keeping your systems available through the telecommunications network.

World wide presence

We have service and support centres at strategic locations around the world. All work is carried out under the supervision of an account manager. Your account manager ensures continuity and work closely with your personnel to optimise system availability and performance. Under his direction, using local inventory of spare parts, our well-qualified field engineers help you quickly and efficiently.

Upgrades programs

Product and system upgrades can improve your vessel's operations and reduce maintenance costs. Continues research and development ensures that existing systems can be extended or upgraded using standard upgrade kits. New operational requirements can be met, and lower maintenance costs and improved operation justify the investment. Our product renewal programmes make sure your systems remain competitive throughout the life-time of your vessels.

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