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Kongsberg Maritime launches more affordable HDTV Camera options

31. March 2009

Kongsberg Maritime, the leading underwater camera specialist will present a new, more straight forward and cost effective way for users of its popular OE14-502 Component Underwater HDTV Colour Zoom Camera to output the HD-SDI video format, at Ocean Business 2009.

Choice of Connectors

oe14-502a High Definition Compact Colour Inspection Camera with HD-SDI Connector

A choice of either HD-SDI (High Definition - Serial Digital Interface) fibre or coax connectors are now offered directly from the existing compact camera housing, negating the need for an additional separate digipod. A range of fibre wavelengths are available.

This new configuration coupled with a host of other unique features including Kongsberg Maritime's long line drive and digital IR Remote & GUI Controls, and exceptional image quality give the OE14-502 best in class price-performance. With the growth in availability of more affordable high bandwidth telemetry and HD recording options this means underwater HDTV is fast becoming a realistic option for all.

Pioneering Affordable Underwater HDTV Technology

Kongsberg Maritime is the pioneer of affordable underwater HDTV technology and over the last three years has delivered a wide range of HDTV inspection systems, including the leading oe14-502 camera, to Offshore Oil & Gas and Scientific customers around the globe.

The oe14-502 is a multi-standard camera with the ability to change video formats by IR Remote Control (RC) or by Graphical User Interface (GUI). A domed water compensated port and optical zoom provides a close-up inspection capability combined with the flexibility of a 10x magnification for powerful stand off inspections.

Long line drive can be set by RC or GUI and allows the component signal to drive three matched coax cables with no degradation over two hundred metres. Colour balance can also be set to indoor, outdoor or Auto Tracking White (ATW).

The unique Kongsberg Maritime IR Remote Control also allows camera control set-up. Camera control can be single wire (tri-state), two wire (bi-polar), USB and RS485. RS232 is available as a factory set option.

Product Features

Key product features include:

  • High Definition (800 TV Lines per picture height).
  • 10:1 Optical Zoom Lens.
  • Exceptional Dynamic Light Range.
  • Multi-Standard Video Formats (1080i or 720P 50/60Hz, Composite PAL or NTSC).
  • HD-SDI out coax or fibre connector options.
  • Long line drive (component).
  • Single or two wire analogue or digital (USB, RS485, RS232) control.
  • IR remote or GUI control.
  • 4,500 metre depth rating.
  • Highest levels of temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, over-voltage and electromagnetic compatibility protection.

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