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New helideck monitoring system

17. September 2004
HMS100 - Helideck  monitoring system

We have released a major upgrade to our HMS100, helideck monitoring system software. The new software is designed to meet the requirements of helicopter operators acting in the Norwegian and U.K. sector of the North Sea.

Movement & weather data

The system is designed for moving helidecks such as onboard ships, OSV's, floating production units, semi submersible rigs and floating jack up rigs. To provide safe operation, key movement characteristics such as alongships (pitch), athwartships (maximum roll), vertical movement (maximum heave), heave period and max average heave rate must be reported. In addition, the helideck monitoring system must be capable of providing in-depth weather data including wind speed and direction, visibility, temperature/dewpoint, air pressure and cloud cover.

Greatly improved

The new HMS 100 version 3.0 provides all this information in a fast and effective manner, making it ideal for all moving helideck applications. Reporting functionality has been greatly improved with helideck and verification reports now available as PDF files. The helideck report includes vessel information, meteorological information, vessel motion data and logistics information. The verification report has been designed to confirm that the HMS 100 installation is operating correctly. PDF-files were chosen for these reports as they are simple to redistribute. The reports can be sent via E-mail to a preferred address.

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