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Wärtsilä chooses Kongsberg

12. October 2004
 Sentry wireless temperature sensor

Finnish engine manufacturer Wärtsilä has selected our Sentry wireless temperature monitoring system as the standard fit for temperature monitoring in the big end bearings of the groundbreaking new 46F engine. Sentry is based on sophisticated wireless technology that provides accurate, reliable data to prevent engine damage through overheating.

Extended monitoring

The Wärtsilä 46F is a medium speed diesel with a modular and compact design that utilises the latest in power plant technology advances to provide very high output. It is the first engine of its kind available to utilise continuous temperature monitoring of the big end bearings as standard. The Sentry Wireless Temperature Monitoring System is easily linked to Wärtsilä’s Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) system, which has been designed to provide extended monitoring and maintenance capabilities.

Better engine safety

We have provided wireless sensor technology since 1975 and in April 2004 launched the most advanced evolution of the system so far. Based on the sophisticated GB-100 sensors, which are capable of working at a range of 1-50mm between sensor and antenna, Sentry is the most reliable temperature monitoring system available. This reliability translates to better engine safety, better maintenance and ultimately longer life.

Integrated or stand alone

For simple integration the Sentry signal processing unit can be connected to any alarm and monitoring system, such as Wärtsilä’s CBM, or can be delivered standalone using our Midi Operator Station (MOS33). The system allows for high flexibility in arranging sensors and antennas with respect to the gap, angle and lateral position between these units. The sensors are passive and are designed to be installed in harsh environments.


The Sentry Wireless Temperature Monitoring System offers many advantages over existing bearing temperature monitoring systems:

  • Low investment cost
  • Easy and fast installation – connection to any alarm and monitoring system
  • Reliable and immediate temperature response – enabling timely action to protect the engine
  • High quality passive sensors with no need for external power sources
  • Direct temperature measurement
  • Negates need for (in combination with main bearing temperature monitoring) traditional oil mist measuring method for 4-stroke engines
  • On 2-stroke engines, Sentry can be installed both for big end bearings and X-head bearings


In integrating the Sentry system as standard, Wartsila has chosen a sophisticated, efficient tool to reduce risk of engine breakdown in its already reliable 46F engine.

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