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New cargo monitoring and control system

27. September 2004

The new GL120/H 24 GHz radar tank gauge

A range of sophisticated Radar Tank Gauges (RTG) forms the heart of our new cargo monitoring and control system. Incorporating advanced level gauging, temperature and pressure monitoring, valve and pump control and a sophisticated user interface, the new cargo system provides precise monitoring and control for a variety of tankers and liquid cargoes.

For all liquid cargo and tankers

Our RTGs have been designed to take full advantage of the latest in microwave technology and are applicable for all liquid cargo and tankers, including gas carriers, chemical tankers, bitumen and VLCCs. Installation procedures are simple with no parts of the measuring system in contact with the cargo itself. The radar technology provides accurate measurement regardless of the atmospheric conditions inside the tank. The new RTGs are:

  • Liquid cargoes, GLA100/3 - 10 GHz RTG
  • Gas Carriers, LNG/LPG, GLA100/5 - 10 GHz RTG
  • Oil and Product Tankers, GLA120/P - 24 GHz RTG
  • Chemical Tankers, GLA120/H - 24 GHz RTG

Optimum measuring accuracy

The tank gauging systems includes patented technology that ensures optimum measuring accuracy. The measurement principle is based on the Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) concept. There is one signal processing unit dedicated for each RTG, ensuring normal system operation if a malfunction occurs on one RTG or one signal process unit.

Suitable for deep or narrow tanks

The new GL100/3 and GL100/5 RTGs feature a narrow radar beam due to the frequency and the antenna design. This makes them well suitable for measurements in deep or narrow tanks.

Excellent system flexibility

The new GL120/H and GL120/P RTGs feature the 24 GHz radar technology. The new RTGs offers excellent system flexibility, simplified installation, narrow beam-width and easy cleaning possibilities. The small radar antenna allows incorporation of a manual sounding plug and tank pressure sensor incorporated on the gauge flange.

Standard features

Standard features of our cargo monitoring and control system includes; pump and valve control, temperature and pressure monitoring level in ballast and service tanks, trim and list correction; draft measurements, high level and overfill alarm and load calculator.