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AutoChief 600 - Distributed processing units

Distributed processing unit
Typical AutoChief 600 distributed processing unit

Reduced cabling cost

The design of the AutoChief® 600 propulsion control system is based on the use of distributed processing units installed directly in the junction boxes on the main engine. All signals to and from the engine are transmitted on dual redundant CAN lines – bus on engine. All non essential sensors can be shared with the K-Chief 600 alarm and monitoring system, requiring only one interface to the main engine. This principle drastically reduces the installation and cabling cost.

Customer benefits

  • Direct mounting on engines is possible
  • Time stamping of alarms and events
  • Three way isolation
  • Dual/redundant field bus (CAN)
  • Signal interfacing to sensors and actuators
  • Alarm detection and process control
  • Design focused on EMC compatibility