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Fire and gas detection system


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Automatic or manual

Fire and gas detection system
Typical appication for fire and gas detection system.

The Fire and gas detection system is only available as part of a K-Safe system. The fire and gas detection system provides early and reliable detection of fire or gas, where such events are likely to occur, alerts personnel and initiates protective actions automatically or manually upon operator activation.


Basically the system consists of field mounted detection equipment and manual alarm stations, a system logic unit for processing of incoming signals, alarm and HMI units. The system is able to process all input signals in accordance with the applicable Fire Protection Data Sheets or Cause & Effect charts.

Note! Fire and gas detection system systems are called Fire and Gas systems (F&G).

Typical actions from a Fire and gas detection system

  • Alert personnel
  • Release fire fighting systems
  • Emergency ventilation control
  • Stop flow of minor hydrocarbon sources such as diesel distribution to consumers
  • Isolate local electrical equipment (may be done by ESD)
  • Initiating ESD and PSD actions
  • Isolate electrical equipment
  • Close watertight doors and fire doors

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