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Thruster control system


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K-Thrust thruster control system operator console.

Our thruster control system K-Thrust is an independent remote control system for electrically driven thrusters, propulsion units and rudders.

Our propulsion and thruster control system offers manual remote control of main propulsion, thrusters and steering gear. When combined with the capabilities of a dynamic positioning system, the thruster control system becomes a manoeuvring system with a complete range of ship-handling functions:

  • Manual control from levers
  • Auto piloting
  • Joystick control with automatic heading option
  • Automatic station keeping


Operator panel
Typical thruster control system operator panel.

The system can be configured with multiple control positions on the bridge and in the engine control room. Solutions for local control are available for installation in equipment rooms. Control panels include buttons, control lamps and command - lever or buttons (special applications). Panels have connectors for indication instruments.

Designed to minimise stress

The users needs during different operational modes were important design criteria for the system. It has been designed to minimise the level of human stress when changing operation between automatic (DP) and manual modes.

K-Thrust systems are designed for seamless integration with K-Pos Dynamic Positioning systems and K-Chief Vessel Control systems by means of network connections. The integration enables the subsystems to share process information, and eliminates interfaces between control systems of various makes.

In combination with a K-Pos Dynamic Positioning system, a K-Thrust system provides a complete vessel manoeuvring concept. From the K-Thrust control position the navigator then may have access to joystick and auto-heading controls, auto-pilot and station-keeping functionality.

A combination with a K-Chief Vessel Control System provides monitoring of propulsion units and control of auxiliary systems with presentation of individual alarm / monitoring points and status information, data logging and reporting.

Comply with class rules

K-Thrust components and functions comply with the relevant main class rules (DNV, ABS, LR) for remote control of propulsion, thrusters and steering gear, as well as with additional requirements for dynamic positioning systems.

Application areas

  • Side thrusters
  • Azimuth thrusters
  • Azimuth steering propulsion
  • Electric main propulsion
  • Rudders

Customer benefits

  • Individual control
  • Joystick modes
  • Autopilot modes
  • Wind compensations
  • Auxiliary monitoring and controls
  • Motor controlled levers for bumpless transfer between control stations

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