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HUGIN autonomous under water vehicle concept

High speed surveys

The HUGIN is a highly manoeuvrable and free-swimming autonomous under water vehicle - AUV capable of performing high speed surveys of excellent quality down to an operating depth of 4500 meters. The vehicle can be operated in either Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - or Un-tethered Under water Vehicle - UUV mode.

The special hydrodynamic shape, optional launching system and overall principles of the original Hugin 1 & 2 have been extended into the Hugin design. The additional capabilities of the Hugin include significantly longer battery endurance and the ability to carry several different types of survey sensors for synchronized and simultaneous operation.

Navigation and Autonomy

Integration of an INS platform, dGPS and HiPAP acoustic positioning systems improves navigation accuracy and extends full autonomous operation. The HUGIN AUV can either be operated in Un-tethered Under water Vehicle (UUV) mode or Autonomous Under water Vehicle (AUV) mode.

Field Operations

From the first initial and successful North Sea surveys in 1997 for Statoil, the HUGIN survey capabilities have been extended with improved navigation, more payload sensors and deep-water operation. The HUGIN concept has successfully been operated on a regular basis in the Gulf of Mexico in BP's Mad Dog and Thunder Horse deepwater fields down to 2400 metres, and in Norsk Hydro's Ormen Lange field down to 1200 metres, proving its survey and operational capability in very complex terrain.

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