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Wide Tow Handling System

Wide Tow Handling System

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Main components

The Kongsberg Evotec Wide Tow Handling System consists of the following main components:

  • Wide tow winch, with shock-absorbers as an option
  • Spooling device
  • Wide tow sheaves with load tension - inboard and outboard
  • Deflector handling system

The sheaves can be delivered integrated to the deflector handling system or separate as a stand-alone system, with davits for the deflectors. Our wide tow handling system reduces the number of different spare-parts carried by using the same type of motors, valves and gears wherever possible.

Wide tow winch

Our wide tow winches has a uniquely slim-line design accomplished through the use of an internal gear-box solution. Internal piping is reduced to a minimum through the use of a specially designed Evo Valve Block - EVB. All valves – manoeuvring, tension (mooring and control), brake, 2-speed and spooling device valves are kept here, making it easy to install and service. All winches are prepared for synchro-operation. Wide Tow Winches are delivered in all sizes and for all load conditions.

Spooling device

Our Spooling Devices are delivered with rollers securing gentle and accurate automatic spooling. Both synchro and manual modes are available selected from the remote control system.

Wide tow sheaves

Inboard and outboard sheaves are normally delivered in stainless steel with a load sensor integrated to the centre. Our design has a new rope-guide that ensures no rope climbing, and the sheave can be balanced to secure gentle handling of the rope. The integrated load sensor has the capability of measuring forces both in X and Y direction, for more accurate tension measuring. The sheaves are always adapted to fit the rating of the brake load x2 and have a built in security factor.

Deflector handling system

In close cooperation with suppliers of different deflectors we have developed a unique deflector handling system to ensure a better handling of deflectors and to minimise the weight on the top deck. By integrating the sheave system with the deflector handling system we have reduced system size and weight, which has a positive impact on the stability of the vessel.

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