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OE10-104 Medium Duty Pan & Tilt


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The OE10-104 is the latest generation of pan and tilt unit designed and manufactured by Kongsberg Maritime Ltd. This all-electric pan and tilt unit has been designed for positioning of cameras, lights and mechanical scanning sonar in subsea applications.


The OE10-104 utilises harmonic drive gearing and a 9-bit digital encoder to provide exceptional output torque (37 N m @ 24V DC) and reliable & repeatable positioning accuracy (± 2°) with minimal backlash. The internal electronics are encapulated within a compact and rugged 6000 msw depth rated stainless steel housing.

An intuitive graphical user interface is supplied with the OE10-104 allowing full pan and tilt control, use of ‘Goto’ functions, variable output speed, user defined end stops and feedback of status information such as; oil level, over current errors, stall errors, internal temperature and water ingress through either an RS232 or RS485 serial digital link.

The pressure housing is manufactured from cast 316L stainless steel as standand incorporates a positive pressure compensation unit with externally visible oil level indicator for reliable deep-water operation to 6000 msw depth.


  • RS232 or RS485 Serial Digital Control
  • 24V DC Power Input
  • High Torque Output
  • 6000msw Depth Rating
  • Positive Pressure Compensator
  • Externally Visible Oil Level Indicator


Directing cameras, lights and mechanical scanning sonar in a subsea environment whilst providing accurate positional feedback.

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