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Transponder, for explosive atmosphere


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cNODE® is a family of transponders for underwater acoustic positioning and data link, and operates with both HiPAP®, HPR and cPAP® transceivers. The cNODE® transponders operates with either the HiPAP® / HPR 400 channels and telemetry or with the new Cymbal acoustic protocol.

The cNODEMaxi 31 Exd transponders are made especially for operating in an explosive atmosphere.


Two models are available:

  • cNODE Maxi 31-80V-90-Exd
  • cNODEMaxi 31-80V-Exd


The cNODEMaxi 31 Exd transponders comply with the following standards:

  • IEC/EX 60079-1:2007
  • IEC 60079-0:2011
  • IEC 60086-1
  • EN 60079-0:2012

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