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Marine data management - MDM 500 new functions

Remote manager

The Remote manager is a tool for controlling and transferring data files from various scientific instruments on-board the vessel.

SVP manager

The SVP manager is a tool for receiving and distributing SVP and CTD data. It can receive data from various sensors over a serial line, a UDP port or from a file. Data can also be converted and transmitted on various formats over the LAN to recipients.

Single beam generator

The Single-Beam Generator is a tool for creating data files containing depth information from single-beam echo sounders and position information from a GPS. Data files can be exported on a survey basis or a time span can be entered. The data files are generated as lines with position and depth in a format readable by Neptune for post-processing.

Geo display

The Geo Display is a tool for viewing logged data in a geographic display.

Post-processing support

The Post-Processing Support is a tool for easy transfer of logged raw data files to post-processing systems. It is recommended to use local copies of raw data files for post-processing, as the original files are safely stored on the server if data files are corrupted during post-processing.

MDM CrossReport

The MDM CrossReport is a tool for extracting data from the MDM database. The data is presented in a tabular format where each value has it own column. The numbers of columns are dependent on the different Logging Groups that is defined in the MDM Server Manager. If a group contains 10 items, then 10 columns of data will be generated.

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