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Marine data management MDM 500 system description

System structure

MDM 500 system - Marine data management system consists of the following software components:

  • MDM 500 Server Manager
  • MDM 500 Agent Manager
  • MDM 500 Display Manager
  • MDM 500 Report Manager
  • MDM 500 Tools (see note 1)
  • MDM 500 Driver sets (see note 2)

Note 1 - The tools package consists of real-time and post-processing modules that can be used with the MDM 500.

Note 2 - The various drivers are described in the Agent Drivers chapter.

System configuration

An MDM 500 Marine data management system runs on one or several Windows based computers connected to a LAN. One of the computers is configured as an MDM Server. On this machine, the MDM Server application is installed. The Database is usually installed on this machine, but it may easily be installed on a different one. The MDM Server is responsible for storing data received by the Agent Manager and to distribute data to the Display Manager.

On the other PCs on the LAN, an Agent Manager and a Display Manager are installed. These applications can also be installed on the server.

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