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Ballast control system, K-Chief 600

Remote monitoring and operation

Ballast water system process diagram
Ballast water system process diagram. Click to view larger image.
Split screen ballast water process diagram
Splitt screen ballast process diagram. Click to view larger image.

Our ballast control system is an integral part of the K-Chief 600 marine automation system, and provides remote monitoring and operation of ballast tanks, pumps and valves from the bridge, engine or cargo control room. It provides complete monitoring, alarm and control facilities for the ballast tanks, pumps and valves. Control is done by distributed process units, operator interaction is done through interactive colour graphic pictures from the remote operating station's.

Ballast control system benefits

  • Level gauging
  • Control of cargo pumps
  • Valve control
  • Ballast control
  • Heeling control (as an option)
  • Remote monitoring of temperature, pressure, and flow counter etc.

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