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OE15-100d / 101d High Resolution Enhanced Monochrome CCD Camera

OE15-100d/101d High Resolution Enhanced Monochrome CCD Camera

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The Kongsberg Maritime OE15-100D/101D is a high resolution monochrome camera available in both CCIR (PAL) and EIA RS 170A (NTSC) video output formats. The camera offers exceptional low light sensitivity for applications with poor scene illumination, yet effectively replicating well illuminated scenes in high fidelity.

Key features

  • Excellent low light performance
  • 4,500 msw titanium alloy housing
  • 102° diagonal AOV in water


  • Mid water navigation tasks
  • General observation and situational awareness
  • Manipulator and tooling tasks
  • TMS and tether monitoring
  • Mooring chain inspection

The wide AOV (102°) benefits the operator with excellent situational awareness for navigation and general viewing applications. Whilst the water corrected optical arrangement minimises distortion and aberrations.

The highly advance internal electronic assembly is protected from harsh environments by a titanium alloy housing, depth rated to 4,500 msw.

The camera is supplied with an IR remote, allowing the user refined control of long line drive.

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