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Bridge Wing Unit - AutoChief ® 600


Bridge wing panel
AutoChief 600 bridge wing panel.

The Bridge Wing Panel - BWU09 is designed for use with AutoChief 600 propulsion control systems. It is environmentally tested for mounting into conventional bridge wing consoles with a lockable cover when the wing station is not in use. The bridge wing panel has a 6,5 inch TFT colour display for presentation of information and command transfer.

The TFT technology gives good visibility for both night time and daylight viewing. The illuminated lever has 11 telegraph positions with well defined notches for each position. The emergency stop switch is independent of panel and is connected directly to main engine safety system. Communication with the AutoChief 600 is by CAN bus.

Key functions

  • Engine RPM
  • RPM setpoint
  • Start air indicator
  • Bridge lever setpoint
  • Lever in command with it's setpoint
  • Command transfer
  • Shut down indication
  • Slow down indication
  • Cancel shut down push button
  • Cancel slow down push button

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