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Galileo activities

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European satellite navigation system

Galileo satellite in orbit
Galileo satellite in orbit.

Kongsberg Seatex plays an active role in the development of the European satellite navigation system - Galileo. Galileo’s new technology will revolutionise our transport systems, increasing safety and improving efficiency; this will make for better quality of life and less pollution in our cities. Galileo will also bring benefits in other aspects of everyday life, with precision farming raising yields, improved information for emergency services speeding up response times, and more reliable and accurate time signals underpinning our most vital computer and communications networks.

Maritime approach

As our customers mainly operates in the maritime environment, Kongsberg Seatex plays an active role in the maritime part of the Galileo programme. As a member of Galileo Services - which represent the downstream industry, customers will benefit in form of applications and services tailored to their needs.

Active contributor

Since the beginning of the Galileo programme, Kongsberg Seatex has played an important role in the development, emphasizing the maritime needs for applications and services. Main activities and projects, so far, consist of:

  • MARUSE - GNSS introduction in the Maritime sector
  • MarGal - Harbour docking and inland waterways
  • GaleWAT - Galileo and EGNOS for waterway transport
  • EGNOS test bed - European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service

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