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Ship Refit / Retrofit / Conversions

Ship Refit / Retrofit / Conversions

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We have 50 years of experience with marine refit, retrofit and conversions. Let us replace your old, outdated ship systems with modern, proven technology. These mid-life upgrades have proven to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. We have the experience, skills and products to make the upgrade a success. A highly dedicated and specialised team focusing solely on upgrades are ready to revitalise your vessel.

How we work

To make sure all refit installations are a success we follow a procedure consisting of four steps:

  • Site survey: Our specialist carry out a site survey and prepare a site report. The report includes a suggested system layout, a detailed project milestone plan and a cost analysis. This site report forms the basis for a delivery contract.
  • Engineering: The system is carefully tailored to meet customer requirements and is outlined in a design document for final customer approval.
  • Installation: Is done while the ship is in service or during docking, either by our own team of technicians or the customers own staff under supervision of our engineer.
  • Commissioning & training: A team of experienced commissioning engineers make sure the system(s) are properly set to work. These engineers also take care of all needed onboard crew training.

What we can offer

Most of our ship systems are ideal for refit / retrofit installation. We would particularly we would like to mention the following products.

Machinery automation systems

The modular design of our K-Chief marine automation system combined with effective on-site commissioning tools, makes it a logical choice when replacing your machinery automation and/or power management system. K-Chief will reduces maintenance costs and allows for future up-grades without high investment costs.

Propulsion control systems

The AutoChief® family of propulsion control systems covers all the necessary functions required for control of the main machinery and propellers onboard any type of vessel. Our proven remote control, engine safety and governor system provide safe operation and minimise fuel consumption.

Cargo handling system

Our radar based liquid cargo automation system ensures safe, reliable and accurate cargo monitoring and control for chemical, oil and gas tankers. Small sensors and the use of field-bus drastically reduce installation cost.


All systems are fully developed, tested and proven through a large number of installations all over the world. Our portfolio includes vessels of all trades and sizes including supply vessels, research vessels, ferries, container vessels, tankers, gas tankers, bulk carriers and so on.

We have extensive experience replacing our previous generations of in-house systems from Norcontrol and Autronica, and have also replaced a number of other vendors equipment such as ABB, AEG, Alsthom, Honeywell, Lips, Lyngsø, Malling, Mitsui, Navtronics, SAAB, Siemens, Terasaki, Sultzer, Ulstein, Valmarine and Woodward. The following are a few of our recent references:

Gabriella – Viking Line (Car ferry)

The existing Norcontrol DC7 system was replaced during a 14 day docking, including:

  • Alarm, monitoring & control system
  • Power management system
  • Propulsion control system
  • Voyage data recorder

Mattea – JJ Ugland (Shuttle tanker)

The existing Alsthom automation system was replaced in dry dock, including:

  • Alarm, monitoring, engine room and cargo control system
  • Power management system (high voltage switchboard)

Acergy Falcon – Acergy Group (pipe layer)

The existing Norcontrol DC2000 automation system was replaced in dry dock, including:

  • Alarm, monitoring & control system
  • Power management system

Horizon Anchorage – Horizon Lines (container)

The existing Siemens automation and power management systems were replaced, including:

  • Alarm, monitoring & control system
  • Power management system

Dan Eagle – Lauritzen tankers (shuttle tanker)

The existing Norcontrol DC 2000-system was replaced and converted from oil tanker to shuttle tanker, including:

  • Alarm, monitoring & control system
  • Power management system
  • Propulsion control system with CPP and governor control
  • DP interface


Our products are certified by the major classification societies. While marine electronics manufacturers come and go, we have 50 years of experience that says we will be here tomorrow.

Scaleable and expandable

The modular nature of our systems makes them particularly suited to replace existing functionality without costly redesign. Further upgrades can be done at any time. We maintain a dedicated staff of engineers who are constantly developing new functions and features for the systems.


To make sure your systems have a long and useful life we use current technologies and commercial-off-the-self (COTS) hardware and software wherever possible.


We have an extensive global support network to assist you where your ships are trading.

Kongsberg Maritime

As the worlds largest manufacturer of maritime electronics we are in a position to offer you a standard of products and services that is second to none.

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