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Stationary sensor network for subsea environmental monitoring

Lander for demonstration of use case drilling as part of Statoil IEM project.

This platform uses our established and highly regarded cNODE® transponder technology. Kongsberg Maritime transponders are well proven in challenging offshore applications within Dynamic Positioning since the 80s. They are ideal for use in environmental monitoring where toughness, reliability and functionality are vital.

Data landers

Our Stationary Sensor Network platform includes specially developed 'Landers'; complex sensor nodes with a wide range of integrated sensors, including cameras, echo sounders, hydrophones, sonars for subsea gas leakage detection and oceanographic sensors, etc. For communication and power KONGSBERG landers use cable or as an option batteries.

Tailored to application

The monitoring setup usually includes a number of simple cNODE® based sensor nodes. Our combination of Landers and cNODE® based single sensor nodes provides an advanced sensor network for autonomous monitoring. It can be tailored specifically to each application. Features include:

  • Subsea logging of data
  • On-demand uplink of selected data
  • Wireless communication, battery powered
  • Optional wired communication and power

Data retrieval

Single sensor nodes use sandbag deployment and acoustic release, this gives easy deployment and recovery. Retrieval of environmental data from the sensor nodes can be done in various ways including real-time acoustic (wireless) uplink to topside vessel via a dunking transducer, Kongsberg HiPAP® or uplink to surface buoy and relay by satellite or radio to shore or vessels. Subsea data can be delivered as a direct view in topside command units or in an OPC-UA server for interface to various topside data handling systems.

By combining our stationary tethered sensor nodes and AUVs as mobile sensor carriers, we can provide a powerful and flexible collaborative sensor network that can meet almost any need for subsea environmental monitoring at water depths down to 4000 m.

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