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cNODE Micro

cNODE Micro

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The cNODE® Micro transponder rated to 600 meters, is small and light enough to be used by divers and shallow water ROV's. Operating on KONGSBERG Cymbal digital acoustic protocols the cNODE Micro provides the optimal positioning performance with the KONGSBERG range of SSBL systems from µPAP® through to HiPAP®.

The cNODE® Micro is extremely flexible featuring Cymbal digital telemetry and both SSBL & Long Baseline positioning capabilities. With range accuracies of less than 2 cm achievable, measured baselines between transponders on the seabed for example provides capability for simple diver metrology or archeology.

The telemetry capability allows the battery status to be read during operation and the integrated tilt sensor can be turned on and off with positioning updates. Multiple cNODE® Micro transponders can be interrogated simultaneously in SSBL positioning mode using the µPAP® and HiPAP® Fast track feature to ensure the fastest possible updates during operation.


Some common features of the cNODE® Micro include:

  • Cymbal channels (500+)
  • Acoustic telemetry for battery status and tilt sensor
  • Responder and transponder functionalities
  • SSBL positioning
  • LBL positioning
  • Range measurements between transponders
  • 600 metre depth rated
  • 180º omnidirectional beam
  • Coated Anodised aluminium housing
  • Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • External connector for configuration, software update and charging
  • External on/off function
  • Internal tilt sensor ± 90°
  • Pressure relief valve (safety device)
  • Frequency band 21-31 kHz
  • Operating temperature -5 ºC to +55 ºC

Technical specification

  • Dimensions (Length X Diameter): 245 x 55 mm
  • Depth rating: 600 m
  • Beam width: 180º
  • Source level – max: 170 dB
  • Trigger level: < 85 dB

Operating battery lifetime

  • Quiescent battery lifetime: < 10 days
  • Cymbal® (Low power, 1 sec update rate): < 28 hours

Other specifications

  • Responder trigger signal: 5V to 25V positive logic pulse (2ms - 6ms)
  • External connector: Seacon MC-IL-8-F (cNODE MiniS compatible)
  • Battery charger input voltage: 110/230 VAC

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