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AutoChief 600 - engine safety system

Engine safety system control unit of the AutoChief 600 propulsion control system

Stand alone and fully integrated

The engine safety system is a stand alone or fully integrated part of the AutoChief® 600 propulsion control system. All signals are connected to a distributed processing unit mounted directly on the main engine. Control and monitoring is done through any AutoChief® 600 control panel or through the K-Chief 600 remote operator stations.

Engine safety system benefits

  • Separate overspeed detection system using two intelligent redundant RPM units mounted near the engine flywheel
  • Automatic shut down of main engine both cancellable and none cancellable stops the engine by activating solenoid valves. The sensors may be analogue or digital
  • Four dedicated shut down inputs with backup and double power supply
  • Separate emergency stop system with full loop fail detection and double power supply
  • Automatic slow downs, both cancellable and none-cancellable reduces engine speed to a safe level on technical problems on the main engine
  • Engine RPM detection system with two independent systems including automatic change over
  • Output to RPM indicators, revolution counter, hour run counter and four digital RPM levels
  • All sensors and valves are monitored for cable failure
  • Settings may be altered and values may be inspected on any control panel
  • Includes hardwired back-up system for increased safety
  • Independent of other AutoChief® 600 functionality
  • Double power supply