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Stand alone Voyage Data Recorder

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Kongsberg Maritime brings the Voyage Data Recorder’s one step further with a new reliable marine rugged VDR.

The platform is based on modules which enables you to choose the level of recording data from the most basic system up to full option version with a large number of I/Os and a LAN interface to K-Bridge.

We have designed the VDR to be compatible with all navigation equipment performing under the toughest marine conditions as well as serving as an ideal upgrade option for older VDRs. The software provides you with the latest technology for solid non-interruptible hardware and full control on a Linux platform.

The stable design gives you a discrete VDR with a user-friendly remote control unit featuring backup for easy handling in emergency situations. The VDR can be upgraded with an extended, portable memory and a live player.

The system meets all relevant requirements of the IMO standards and EU directives, i.e. IMO Resolution A.861(20), MSC.214(81), IEC 61996-1 and IEC 61996-2.

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